Damn good leather gear! 

Maverick truely is a man. Straight forward. Simple yet understanding. Loud, but honest. Rational and emotional at the same time. Maverick is someone that is on the road to somewhere or something. Maverick is a planner, not a player. Maverick is strong, raw and savvy. He loves the colour black. Maverick is a man, and talks like a man. Short, effective and rather hard.

Vegetable tanned, full grain, oily pull-up leather. Extra well-oiled, so that scratches fade while rubbing. A natural weathered vintage look. And yet soft. Best leather in town!  Like all Maverick leathers: natural, non-corrected aniline leather. The top layer in its purest form.

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Address books

All your contacts in one handy alphabetical overview. It couldn't be safer or easier to use.


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Guest books

What do your guests think of the welcome, the breakfast, the rooms…? A stylish guest book in your lobby, naturally full of glowing reviews, will immediately set the right tone.


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Reception albums

Give your guests the opportunity to record a lasting and personal memory of your event.