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MAVERICK Leather goods

The Belgian quality brand Maverick offers hand-stitched luxury leather goods where only first-choice cow leather is processed. The wide range of functional small leather goods such as wallets, credit card holders and writing folders, together with the practical bag collection, form a beautiful and balanced range.
Maverick was a renowned American settler and cattle farmer. He refused to brand his calves and let his herd roam free through the Far West wilderness. Over time, cowboys began to call these unbranded animals "Mavericks".

After his career as a farmer, Samuel A. Maverick also went into politics. Throughout his political career he never abided by the rules of party politics, but always wisely considered all options and then took his own, often nonconformist stance. Ever since the word ‘Maverick’ has become a synonym for a truly independent individual. And this is always reflected in the Maverick products, intended for quality-conscious individuals, looking for the most suitable price / quality ratio.

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Address books

All your contacts in one handy alphabetical overview. It couldn't be safer or easier to use.


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Guest books

What do your guests think of the welcome, the breakfast, the rooms…? A stylish guest book in your lobby, naturally full of glowing reviews, will immediately set the right tone.


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Reception albums

Give your guests the opportunity to record a lasting and personal memory of your event.


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