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A loyal companion

Your notebook must be strong to ensure that it can survive a little rough treatment. After all, you will probably keep your notebooks for years so you can look back on earlier memories and thoughts.  

Always ready for use

A notebook must always serve its intended purpose. In any location and with any pen, the paper must always accept the ink without hesitation. Outstanding paper quality is therefore essential. 

Foto Notebooks

An extension of your thoughts and emotions

Your notebook forms a tangible extension of your thoughts and emotions. As it is used to record your personal story, you will quickly become attached to your notebook. It is therefore best to choose a notebook which feels good and looks great.

With our huge range of covers, Brepols will certainly have the perfect notebook to give your ideas the space they deserve. This will clear your mind and allow new thoughts to flow in.

Distributor Moleskine notebooks

As well as offering our own range of notebooks, Brepols is a distributor for the highly successful brand Moleskine (B).

Both Brepols and Moleskine brands can look back on a long tradition and have established a large and loyal customer base over the years. They tie in perfectly with our own vision of quality and functionality.

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