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Foto Corporate gifts

Authentic Belgian craftsmanship

With Brepols, you are choosing a top brand which has been synonymous with authentic Belgian craftsmanship since 1796. Our diaries form an outstanding extension of your brand and guarantee the added value you are seeking in a high-quality corporate gift. 

Brepols offers a one-stop-shop service for customised diaries as corporate gifts. The possibilities for tailoring the diary to your target groups are literally endless. 

Foto Corporate gifts

Your customised diary in five simple steps

In just five simple steps, we will create the perfect diary for you to offer to your clients, employees, suppliers etc.

  1. Select the appropriate interior
  2. Choose the perfect cover
  3. Customise the cover
  4. Choose the year format
  5. Add extra pages

1. Select the appropriate interior

Select the week-to-view or day-to-view layout which ties in best with the requirements of your target group.

Which week-to-view and day-to-view layout?

  • Weekly overview in pocket format
  • Weekly overview in desktop format
  • One day per page
  • One day on 2 pages

Which binding method?

  • Sewn
  • Plastic spiral binding
  • Metal spiral binding


2. Choose the perfect cover

The cover is the crucial element which defines the image of your customised diary. Our comprehensive collection is guaranteed to include a diary which supports your image. In addition, the reliability of our covers ensures that your customers will be satisfied with their diary for a whole year. You are therefore sure to be top of mind, 365 days a year.


3. Customise the cover

We offer various options for turning a standard diary into your own creation. Choose one or a combination of the following options.

  • Silver or gold blocking
    Present your logo or message in style: choose classic gold or modern silver.
  • Blind embossing
    Attractive blind embossing will give extra cachet to your diary. This technique can also be applied to thermosensitive material which will make your logo darker, giving the impression of a burned-in stamp.
  • Colour blocking
    Put your logo or message in the spotlight with over 30 available colours.
  • Personalised name printing
    Surprise the user with his or her own name on the front of the diary. This will transform the diary into something truly personal, ensuring it is used more often as a result.
  • Colour printing
    This formula allows you to customise the entire cover with a graphic design of your choice. Various refinement techniques offer extra added value:
    • Glossy or matt lamination
    • Lamination with linen structure
    • UV coating
    • Cold foil technique using metallic film


4. Choose the yeardate format

Most of our diaries allow you to choose the yeardate format of your choice. As a result, the look and feel will tie in seamlessly with your corporate identity. We offer ten different options to give an extra dynamic touch to your diary. 


5. Add extra pages

You can add from one to twelve additional pages with your own graphic design, at the front or back of the diary.

Anything is possible: information about your products, a contact list of representatives, manuals, company information etc. We can advise you if required.

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