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Authentic Belgian craftsmanship since 1796

Brepols has a long history which goes all the way back to 1796. In order to escape the French occupying forces, the Leuven-based printer Pieter Corbeels and his assistant, Philippus Jacobus Brepols, moved to the city of Turnhout in the Kempen area at this time. Their move would change the history of printing. 

In Turnhout, Corbeels was immediately given the privilege of becoming the city printer. Two years later, he left his printing business and took up arms against the French as the leader of the Peasants' War. He did not survive the battle. 

With great commitment, his assistant PJ Brepols continued his master's mission. Under his leadership, Brepols grew into the driving force behind the development of the printing industry in Belgium. The company soon started exporting to other countries, reaching a high point in the 19th century when Brepols was exporting printed matter to over 100 countries. 

Our printing past is now far behind us. Nonetheless, our special bond with paper and authentic Belgian craftsmanship is still evident in the products we produce today. We still produce our products in Belgium and paper is in our DNA.

Foto About Brepols

Clear and functional week-to-view and day-to-view layouts

Details make all the difference. Nothing is perfect. Brepols is constantly refining its functional week-to-view and day-to-view layouts with these starting points in mind. 

We examine every single detail. Each year gives us a new opportunity to create even better products. In various countries, market research constantly shows that the well-thought-out week-to-view and day-to-view layouts designed by Brepols set the standards for the ideal diary.  

Foto About Brepols

Only environmentally-friendly FSC paper

By using only environmentally-friendly FSC paper, Brepols is contributing to a sustainable future. 

We also develop and produce our products using as little energy as possible. To achieve this, we make significant investments in modern, energy-efficient equipment. 

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Highly durable, even with intensive use

Consumers rely on our products every single day. Quality is therefore our main focus. In order to ensure high quality, our products are produced in house by our own experts. 

Our diaries must never fall apart, even with intensive daily use. The reliability of the cover, the binding method, the paper quality… Every aspect has Brepols reliability all over it. The same applies to all our products.

Independent bookbinding service for printers

Printers can turn to Brepols for an independent bookbinding service. 

In line with your requirements, we can produce sewn and unsewn hard covers, sewn soft covers and related products such as other kinds of covers. Order quantities range from 500 to over 500,000 units.

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